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 exhaust.jpg September 27, 2013 200 × 139 Edit Image Delete Permanently TitleCaptionAlt TextF-48 Sports Racer Exhaust

Currently available for Stohr WF-1 race cars in either right or left exit configuration. .035″ Stainless tubing allows system to be both lightweight and durable.

Available for the following engines:

  • 05-08 Suzuki GSXR1000
  • 99-07 Suzuki Hayabusa


wet sumpF48 Wet Sump Oil Pan

Swinging pickup wet sump pan for GSX1000. Optimized by real world testing to prevent dangerous oil pressure dips typical under hard braking and high G cornering.

  • made of billet aluminum
  • dual O-ring pickup
  • includes sump baffle