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Interinstitutional Agreement Iia

The Council, Parliament and the Commission agree on inter-institutional agreements. The Commission is responsible for taking the initiative. The accounting department must sign as an authorized institution. Once all signatures have been collected, accounting services need a copy of the agreement. The three institutions recognise the importance of ensuring that each institution can exercise its rights and fulfil its treaty obligations, as interpreted by the European Court of Justice, with regard to the negotiation and conclusion of international agreements. The new manager of inter-institutional agreements is now available via the Erasmus dashboard platform, which allows EIS to develop, negotiate and update inter-institutional agreements in digital form. This is a beta version that will be tested in March and April, so development will continue, but from May it should be ready to support the effective extension of your agreements. Interim Model of Patent Management Agreement (PPMA Model) As part of the development of the IIA model, the participating institutions found that a streamlined procedure was needed to reach an agreement on the distribution of patent costs to allow the parties to continue monitoring patents before signing the full AI. That`s why the Model Model Preliminary Patent Management Agreement (PPMA) was developed. It creates a binding obligation to share patent costs, but does not give any party the right to enter into a licence while the PPMA is in force. In the interest of simply maintaining the procedure, each party may terminate the PPMA with a 90-day period and the non-lead is not required to pay on time for certain patent costs it is challenging. The three institutions will improve communication with the public throughout the legislative cycle and, in particular, will jointly communicate the outcome of the ordinary legislative process when they reach an agreement, through joint press conferences or other means deemed appropriate.

The inter-institutional agreement is based on the Treaty on the European Union (EU) and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFUE). This agreement complements the following agreements and declarations of improvement of regulations, to which the three institutions remain fully attached: the inter-institutional agreement is used by the European institutions for the sole purpose of helping to shape their working relations. Only administrative and institutional aspects of legal, procedural and financial aspects can be covered by an inter-institutional agreement. Background of the Inter-Institutional Model Agreement (IIA Model) The Inter-Institutional Model Agreement (IIA Model) was developed by a large group of research institutes to create a common baseline model for AI negotiations. The ORIGINAL IIA model was approved by 19 research institutes in 2013. The working group met again in 2015 to review the IIA model and recruit additional users, and more than 40 institutions participated in the process. The project is an open effort and we hope that your institution will consider participating.